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The Work Process

The Haushner Company is ISO 9001-2000 certified, and strictly follows a structured, methodical work process in all the projects it handles. This process was formed on the basis of the company’s many years of experience, and it is compulsory for all employees. They receive formal training when they join the company. The employees’ familiarity with the work process is refreshed from time to time by an organizational consultant and by external QA consultants who work with us on a permanent basis.
As a foundation for starting joint work, we make sure to show new clients our office and to present the services that it provides, its specialties, and the senior staff, all before the start of work with the clients; and we present the anticipated work process to them.

Principal Milestones in the Work Process

  • Outlining the Project

    The foundation for successfully carrying out a project to the client’s satisfaction, with high-quality service, is an exact definition of the client’s requirements, the purpose of the work, the schedule constraints, and any special demands. We ensure an exact definition of those items before beginning our preparation of an orderly price quotation.
  • Appointing the Client Portfolio Manager

    The first operation is the selection of a client portfolio manager from among the office’s senior staff. His assignment is to provide the client with supervision throughout the project, to answer queries, and at the same time to lead the work team and coordinate its efforts. We ensure that the client portfolio manager is the client’s supervisor on all projects we handle for that client, in order to achieve a specialist’s familiarity with the client’s personal style of work and, for simplicity on the client’s side, to provide a single address for all the client’s questions and requests.
  • Assembling the Work Team

    As soon as the work order is received, a suitable team is assembled to handle the project. The team members are chosen for their capabilities, their suitability to the needs of the project, and their availability in the context of the scheduling restraints. The work team is briefed on the upcoming process and on the special aspects that characterize it.
  • Compiling the Findings

    At the end of the work process, the team organizes the materials into a professional report that undergoes examination by the company’s CEO, a senior real estate appraiser, or the head of the project supervision unit. Only after approval does the report reach to the client’s desk.
  • Preparing the Final Report

    An opinion is formed on the basis of the professional report, with attention to the client’s response to the report’s contents. At this point the final report is prepared. This report undergoes a repeat examination from the work team in order to verify it and check the data and work process, and then it receives a final examination and approval.
  • Completing Administration

    When the work is finished, the client’s portfolio is passed to the company’s clerical office for the end of the administrative processing and for orderly filing of the various materials.
  • Ensuring Client Satisfaction

    The company management makes sure to hold a customer satisfaction survey of our clients at the end of every year, as part of the annual ISO examination for the Standards Institution of Israel. The survey responses over recent years indicate that our clients are very satisfied with our level of service, our method of working — and the quality of our results!