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Real Estate Appraisal

The company specializes in the entire range of real-estate appraisal services, including commercial appraisal of various real-estate properties such as income-producing real estate, petrol stations, hotels, variously purposed lots, agricultural plots (including rezoning), agricultural estates, residential buildings, and more. In addition, the company specializes in providing opinions on various matters to the courts; opinions on matters of taxation for improvement fees and land improvement tax; opinions on stock-exchange prospectuses (including IFRS-compliant opinions); arbitrations; and appointments.
The company commands special expertise in the field of real-estate appraisal and evaluations for the banking establishment, appraisal of petrol stations and hotels, representation in complaints regarding loss of real-estate value (according to clause 197 of the Planning and Construction Law), preparation of counter-opinions against the appraisals of the Israel Lands Authority, and professional representation in actions against the Authority.
The company has accumulated experience in the matter of presenting reports according to the IFRS standard, and operations according to that standard have been internalized as a special procedure.

Project Supervision

Project supervision for building contractors, private clients, nonprofit organizations, and purchaser groups. The project supervision department has been organized as a separate organizational unit and has internalized methodical work procedures that enable it to successfully deal with dozens of projects in parallel while holding to schedule and doublechecking every phase of the supervised project. For this purpose the company has had special, exclusive software developed that provides for strict monitoring of the various project stages.
Besides its advantages in its professional work, the company also puts a special emphasis on providing personal service and close supervision for the entrepreneur and for the project by posting a permanent lead representative who keeps contact from the start of the project to the end. A high level of service to our clients is a priority with us, and it is provided with expertise, professionalism, great promptness, and doublechecking of all the project’s processes for the client’s benefit.
Over the years, the department has been, and is, supervisor for a wide variety of projects of various types and sizes, and it has accumulated a large number of faithful clients who entrust it with supervision on all the projects they construct.

Civil Engineering

Services in the field of civil engineering complement the range of real estate appraisal services and financial supervision that we provide. In this way, we make possible complete coverage of the client’s requirements with no need for working with different offices. We are delegated by the courts as experts in the matter of lost value as caused by construction flaws, and we prepare professional opinions for them.
For business reasons, and in compliance with the regulations for real-estate assessors (Professional Ethics, as amended 2004), we have chosen to publish neither the names of our clients nor any samples of the appraisals that the office has performed.